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This Will Help You To Cultivate Your Courage

This Will Help You To Cultivate Your Courage
This Will Help You To Cultivate Your Courage

Fear and courage won't go hand in hand that means if you are fearful then you will be courageless and you have the courage that means you are fearless (It won't remain for a life-time). Wrong mindset or not having enough information can create fear and these fear develop over time. If you want to get rid out of these fears then you have to find a cure and the cure is courage. 

Self-development is a complicated process and presently because developing courage is also belongs to that so you have to comprehend the process which might be complicated and where you might need some exercises or extra work.

Developing courage doesn't mean that you become fearless for a lifetime. It's just a short bounce back and it simply means that you can face your problem and solving these problems. 

Maybe you know the downside or disadvantages of fear but you know fears have many advantages. Is it sounds interesting? Yes, it is. You have noticed or not but sometimes our fears save us from many things because when we are scared then we take careful steps and we make a safe approach for reaching out at our destiny. So in this sense having fears might be profitable to you.

The question is "How we can cultivate sustainable courage?" So these steps can help you to remove your fears and gain some courage.

1. Figure out your fears:

As we all have different lives and our mindsets are also different from one another so we judge things from our perspective and we make definitions in the way which we want or which is more suitable for ourselves. 

For example, happiness. Almost everyone has different definitions of happiness to his/her selves. For me happiness maybe success or reaching out at my goals but for you, the definition of happiness may be different. 

First of all, you have to clear to yourself what fear means to you. Is it a lack of happiness? have you fear of failure (If yes, then explain to yourself what type of failure you are expecting in the future)? Do you have a fear of losing your relationships? Do you have the fear of losing your respect/reputations? 

So figure out your fears and remember that life is not a horror movie. Put these fears in front of you to make the strategy for domination of your courage at these fears, which you will completely learn in the next few steps.

2. Live around motivations:

A Lake of motivations can cause you fear or lack of courage. So be with people who believe in you and your dreams. Live with the people who motivate you and encourage you to take action. 

As it's the internet era so finding meaningful pieces of information is very easy especially from motivational perspectives. There are many blogs, podcasts, speeches that can help you to stay courageous. Only you have to search that stuff and connect yourself with these motivations. 

Another thing that can motivate you is your role models and leaders. We all follow someone and try to be as they are. So your role models can give you a torch of courage in your nights(bad times). If you are following someone's footprints and want to see yourself their level and during your struggle when you fail and just go and seek out help from your role model (you can read their blog, book, or biography or watch their speech). Because there chances that they might face the same problems wand only they can best from the rest of the world.

3. Avoid escaping:

You may have seen that many people when they fail in their life, changing their dreams into reality or just become unsuccessful in their relationships then not only leave the spot for life-time but they start taking drugs or they become alcoholic. No matter what you give the name to their condition but in reality they trying to find a way of escaping from reality. 

Keep in mind that brave people stand in the ground till the end and at any cost, they won't compromise their dream or vision. To cultivate your courage you have not to escape from your fear or whatever your present condition is. Because if you one time step back technically it put you 10 steps back.

4. Cut off losers:

If someone already loses his/her competition, if a person already gives up on their dreams, ideas, and goal then, there are chances that they never let you follow your passions. And every time they make you scared by telling their unsuccessful and regretful story. When over and over you listen to them then maybe you lose your interest and become scared from taking action.  

You need guts to follow to reach out to your goal. But when you sit with unsuccessful people then they directly or indirectly hit your self-confidence and start losing trust in yourself. So you want to be a courageous person then you must live with brave people(decision-makers and dreamers).

5. Give the opposite instruction:

"Giving opposite instruction" is the best rule which I follow not only for cultivations of my courage but in every aspect of life. Because when you focus on problems then you see more problems so it's simple, if you won't change dynamics then you will be stuck in the same situation for a lifetime. 

If you already aware of your fears and weaknesses and you still thinking about them. You will notice that the level of fear will go high from day today. So To become a courageous person you have to acknowledge your strength (Every person has something unique, only you have to manifest that strength or uniqueness). Then try to remove your scariness with that strength.

6. Improve yourself:

Humans are imperfect. So we always need to work at ourselves and we need constant improvements. The fears which we have most of the time are projected or sometimes these are real. So whatever type of fears you suffering from, the only way of getting rid out of these fears is to bring some massive improvements in yourself and making yourself capable to say yourself "I am fully prepared for the next challenge".

People who won't give 100% of themself to preparations or those who just leave loops in their improvements, always run from challenges. When you fully prepare yourself for the challenges then you will become free from all your fears. So improvements are the best way to cultivate your courage.

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