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These 9 Point Will Help You To Turn Your Life Around

These 9 Point Will Help You To Turn Your Life Around


These 9 Point Will Help You To Turn Your Life Around

Life is full of challenges. If you are a dreamer then you would see a new challenge every day, every day you will achieve something, and every day you lose something, short story long it is full of ups and downs. 

Things can't be perfect overnight. You have to be focused and concentrated to achieve something because when you follow your patience and try to do anything then keep it in mind that you will fail, you will see setbacks but it will be temporary defeat. Turning your failure into success take time to be done and it needs to work on other aspects of your life along with dreams or goals. 

Read my 9 points on How you can turn your life around.

1. Identify bad habits:

Our habit is the first thing which motivates us to do something or which stops us from doing something. It's like habits make life or at least define your status and give you an idea about where you will be standing in your future. 

You are confused at some point in life then observe what are things which stoping you. If your habits something which creating hurdles in your way then bring something and replace these bad habits with a good one. Because without changing your habits it's almost impossible to turn your life around and get better than whatever you own today.

2. Focus on doing what matters:

Sometimes we try to do work in every direction and we just mess up things around us. which makes us confused and when you don't find any direction then you start feeling very bad. So the most important thing for success is to be focused on actual matters and figure out what is more important for this time. 

For example, if tomorrow is your chemistry exam and tonight you are practising your math and thought behind it is, you are weak in mathematics and you want to improve it. It's good and maybe it can help you to improve your mathematics but chemistry is more important for you because tomorrow will be the exam of this. So this same application is in your daily life because many things can be important at once but your real test is to figure out what comes at first and what would come after that. 

3. Set some fin amount:

Leaving your bad habits is not a piece of cake. It takes a lot of time and effort to be done. And if these bad habits become part of your daily life then avoiding them becomes more complicated. Most of the bad habits affect you slowly like a silent killer. So what you need? You need something which realizes one spot that you have done something wrong with your life. And the fine amount is the best way to make yourself realize your act. 

So first figure out your bad habits or your useless activities which are only consuming your time and effort and then counter them. Counter them with fin and that fin will be in the shape of money. Just think what is in your asset you more careful about? That is money right. It's reality, no matter how much money you have in your pocket but if your $1 fall somewhere then you will think for one time about that. 

When you set the fin amount for any of your bad habits then it will stop you from doing that. The money note of $1 when you destroy that and tore into pieces then you see immediate lose which realizes you that you have done something wrong and next time you think hundred times before doing this. 

4. Set clear intentions:

Clarity of goal is also considered as a success. If you are clear about what's right and what's wrong for you and clear about what to do and what not to do then it brings you nearer to your goal. If things are mess up around you and you are confused about life then first you have to do is to make yourself clear about the next step. Solve what and whys of your mind and then just go and take action. And put a tag upon you of non-stop effort until achieving that goal.

5. Seek out inspirations and motivations:

Inspirations and motivations play a massive role in reaching out somewhere in life. If you are inspired by any successful personality and when you read/listen/watch his/her story then solve many queries and question about your journey. Inspiring people remain somewhere around you to give you answers and solve the puzzle of your game, sometimes in the shape of books, or articles, or in the shape of videos/podcasts. 

You can't ignore motivations when you follow your passion and pursue your dreams. Because the journey of life is full of ups and downs. I know that your dream or goal is huge motivations but when you fail in some things then the external motivations would be the only thing that picks you up and put yourself in your way again. If you are not familiar with motivations seminars and videos or blogs then you have to be familiar with them.

6. Stop blaming someone else:

Taking responsibility for yourself is the priority to become successful. Just think about that who will be the owner of your success, that will be you right. So if you own your success and take all credit for its then why you blame others when you fail in something in your life. 

People who blame others for the difficulties in their life then always drift in their difficulties because when you think others are responsible then you destroy chances of improving in it. and when you blame others then you not take action because you think that you are right so that problem always remains a problem and your failure remains constant. 

So if you want to turn your life around then you have to take full responsibility of yourself and action and when reactions come at front of you and any of your actions then figure out where you were wrong or at where you make mistakes then simply go and fix that in your future. 

8. Express patience and faith:

Nothing happens overnight and if something happens overnight then it would be unsustainable. If you want long term success then you have to express patience. The majority of people remain unsuccessful in their life just because of the lake of patience because they expect immediate results according to their psychology, they want positive results, and when they don't see their wanting results and then they become frustrated and leave whatever they were doing. 

Patience and faith go hand in hand. If you don't have patience about whatever your aim is then you lose your faith in it and you see yourself as incapable of reaching out to your goal. So if you want to turn your life's failure into success then you have to express patience and faith.

9. Be in a circle of the right people:

If you sit with people who have dreams, they pursuing their dreams and they must inspire you and they make you able to set some goals and see some dreames with open eyes. and if you sit with drug addicts and abusers then they will turn you and make you as they are. So always choose the right people to walk with, people who have the courage of taking all the responsibilities, people who set goals and see the dream and then put the effort into their ideas and pursue them, You must be with them.

As a famous quote of Shaikh ibn e Arabi: "Every bird flies with their kind, eagles with eagles and crows with crows". 

So try to be an eagle who flies with an eagle don't be a crow or don't be an eagle that flies with a crow and if the eagle flies with crows then it just loses its identity and lose aim of touching the sky.  

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