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Some Hidden Reasons: Why Topper Students Fail In Real Life?

Some Hidden Reasons: Why Topper Students Fail In Real Life?
Some Hidden Reasons: Why Topper Students Fail In Real Life?

Can any topper fail in real life? Yes, most of the topers fail when they fight with real-life problems. Because actual life is not like an academy or classroom where you just solve some queries or write a perfect answer and then you succeed in your exams. It's not like that.

Keep in mind that good memorizations and intelligence are two different things. Maybe you are a bright student just because of having a good memory and that's why you can remember all your answers and formulas.

But if you think that good memorizations and intelligence are the same then you are wrong because having the art of smart work is intelligence and lots of students just have the best memorizations but they don't have intelligence so that's why they can't be successful for all the time. 

If you are topper then you have to remember that you must be focused on real-life and grom yourself for actual problems. It's good to focus on your studies and that's why you are studying in the best institutes, but you have to see, what's going around you? What are your fears? And what problems you are expecting from life? And then do something for them.

Here are some reasons for "Why topper students mostly fail in real life".

1. They only focus on their studies:

Maybe this heading sounds like weird for you that what I am talking about. But it's not like that. And you think "focus on studies is good for students". But I am advising to not only focus on your studies especially if you are going through your college life. See you here and there. And figure out where you are? And where you have to go?

Spending all your time with a book is good but disconnection from the reality of your life might sink you. Because academic education is not enough for success. There are some other things like passion, talent and interest are some factors that highly affect your life, I thinking dependency on your success and failure is on these factors.

2. They don't embrace the failure:

I was a bright student of class during my school time. And secured 1st position constantly for 4 years. In a class test, in midterms, in annul terms, I was sweeping positions and trophies and during this constant period, I didn't see any failure in academic life. And the fact was the schoolboy didn't live life as a young men do. After college times when I failed in actual life then failure was new for me and It was very hard for me to accept that failure because I was used too of success, not only random success but the success which rewarded me trophies and appreciations of my close circle. 


I embraced my failure but the mistake which I made that was, I took a little longer to accept the failure and restart my journey towards my dream. I suggest that If you fail in something then don't waste your time and do something which brings you out of that failure. 

At my personal experience, I can tell you that till the time you don't embrace your failure, you don't be able to put efforts to revive your dream. 

3. They set goals but in the wrong direction:

A huge mistake which topper students and average students make is, they only set their goal-related from the educations field or they set a goal which can be achieved only by having academic qualification like becoming doctor, engineer, scientist, and xyz. In my school time, I also set the same goal which is only possible If you have an education but today I am a different person and my dreams and goal are also change because I personally didn't feel comfortable becoming a doctor.

If you are actually passionate about your goal then go for it. But if you have many if and but then sit for a while and think about your goals. Because the happiness of your life depends on your profession. It becomes successful in making a career with your favorite profession then well and good but if your profession has imposed at you for whatever reason then remember this "you are going to live a regretful life."

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