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Fields with Best Scope: Here is Myth And Reality

Fields with Best Scope: Here is Myth And Reality
Fields with Best Scope: Here is Myth And Reality

Are you worry about your future? And trying to figure out, what field you have to choose for a successful career? Well, I went through the same period where I did not clear about my interest and fields and constantly I ask one question from almost every teacher of mine that what field has the best scope? Because I intended to find the best field for myself where I could secure the future of mine as well as my family. But when one of my teachers realized me that I was wrong. So, what he actually said? 

In this blog, I am going to share my story and experience about choosing fields on behalf of their scope. and, How you find a scoopful field for yourself? Here is answer......

The sentence of my teacher just changed the whole scenario. My teacher advised me "Fields don't have a scope because it depends on you, How far you go inside that field that will be scope." What did it mean? It means every individual makes their own scope in a particular field. 

Let me explain it to you...

As we are living in the technology era and everything is converting on the internet, So there is a lot of work on software engineering and information technology. But how many software engineers and IT experts are succeeding? When you try to gather figures you will find millions or at least thousands of students failing in this field. It doesn't mean that software engineering and IT don't have the scope. It simply means the student who fails in this field they didn't clear about their potential and about their actual interest. 

So, the first thing you have to explain to yourself that what is your interests and where you want to see yourself in the next 10 or 15 years. And also see your potential because every field is not for everyone. Keep in mind that hard work is good but to become successful in the career you required smart work. 

Education is the initial stage of any career. After educations you need work and you don't be able to work more effectively if you are not familiar with that field.

If you are choosing any field just because of money or you see someone who is making a lot of money from xyz field and you make your mind that if you choose that xyz field then you will become successful then believe or not but you won't become successful because your intentions are in wrong things.

What is the scope of the field?

For me, The capability of going in more depth and getting success is called the scope of the field. Here efforts are directly proportional to success. So, the more efforts you put the more successful you become. Your efforts must be based on smart work.

What is a more important field or scope?

If ask me "what field has good scope?" I will say every field in which universities teach or train has good scope. The first priority for everyone should be choosing the right field and that is the only place where many students make mistakes. They go against their talent and interest and choose fields on behalf of money or fam without sole searching and measuring their potential. 

If you become successful in choosing the right field which is based on your talent and interest. Then you can be able to set an example for the people. Just because you love your field then won't get bored from that work then it makes also help you to live a happy life.

What is the best way to choose a career? 

Everyone is worry about his/her career, and you as well. Keep in mind that it's your career and once you choose that then the whole life you have to deal with that. So, be conscious. I agree with seeking help from your seniors/family members or experts but at the end of the day, the final decision must be yours. Because I or someone else can guide you regarding trends or market values but, what you can do, it's completely dependent on you. You know yourself more than from the rest of the world. 

So, when someone advised you about your future then stop for a while and analyze yourself that the decision which you are going to take, are you interested in that? Will you be ok with that work? When get into any field without finding your inner voice then after while you get bored and you start running from work. Keep in mind that a career is all about responsibilities and if you won't have an interest in the responsibility then you not gonna fulfill that. 

The myth about fields:

Myth#1: You can work in any field:

It's bitter but it's the truth that you can't be ok with every field. As I mention above that education is the initial stage and getting a master's degree in any field doesn't mean that you become a real master in that particular field because real competition starts when complete your studies and start practical life. 

The practical life is very different from academics because here you won't solve queries on the pages, here you give the physical appearance to your solutions. In practical life you face more pressure than academics, here you meet with office politics and kind of hypocrites. So standing in these scenarios is very difficult especially when you choose a field on the behalf of money or by watching someone's success and fame. 

Myth#2: You become successful in every field:

What success mean for you? If it is only money then my dear! you are wrong. Because real success is happiness and satisfaction. So, how you will be satisfied and happy from your life if you choose a career forcefully or without even listening voice of your heart? 

Look, how many doctors in your area who are popular? Maybe few, right. Then what about the rest? Why they are not succeeding? The answer is they chose that profession only for money so that's why they don't treat their patients as a patient because they see their patient as a customer. and they don't provide as many services as needed or they charge more and provide less. So, that's they are not making their name.

The point is, the success of any field depends on you. If you choose your favorite profession then love your work. and when you love your work then you will be more loyal to your work. and then people or customers will be more satisfied with your business. and you will see endless success.!

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