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Best Writing Hacks: How To Stay Focused While Writing?

Best Writing Hacks: How To Stay Focused While Writing?


How to stay focused while writing?

Focus while work is something that you can't ignore at any cost. Because you don't focus on whatever you are doing then you start something and you end up at something else. 

Staying focused on writing is essential especially if want to be the best writer. These points will help you to stay focus while writing. 

1. Get enough knowledge

Get enough knowledge about that particular subject which you are writing about. You don't be able to write effectively without having enough knowledge. Especially if writing about the topic which already competent then you have to bring something unique inside of it. And it's impossible without having enough information about that. 

When you don't get enough information and you keep reading while writing then you not only lose focus on your work but you can't be able to bring quality in your words. And when the reader reads your article or blog or book then they don't feel connected with the story. 

2. Sit at a comfortable place

Sitting at a comfortable place is very important especially if you write your ideas because when don't sit at a suitable place then environment (in which are) will keep distracting you and it just killing your focus. 

You can choose your comfortable place according to your topic. If you are writing about analyses of cricket matches then a suitable place will be a cricket stadium or in front of the television because it helps you to gather points.

If you poet, novelist, or fiction writer then you need a peaceful place far from people and the thing which divert your concentrations from your writing. Because your mind won't feel comfortable so you may face hurdles during your writing.

3. Don't start editing while writing

If you are in an exam hall then you can go with editing your spelling mistakes but if you are writing a book or article or any blog then don't start editing at the time of writing. Because when you write something then your mind focuses on giving you ideas and sentences constantly. Sometime you may notice that when start writing one sentence then you just keep writing non-stop. it happens due to two reasons 1) you had enough knowledge. 2) You keep full concentration on your writing then you write more in less time. 

Why it important not to edit while writing? because when you write then the main focus of your brain remains giving you ideas/sentences and when you leave your writing and start editing then it distracts to your mind. And you get confused about the topic or some time it feels like you don't have words to write. So it happens just because of its own created distractions. If you want to stay focused while writing then you have to avoid text/spell editing while writing.

4. Write on one topic 

Choosing a single topic and writing about that is very profitable because it does not only help you to write better but you also complete your work in less time. No matter how much you have information about both topics but if you write on both at once then you don't be able to deliver in a good manner. 

As I am a blogger so my method of creating content is, First I figure out the topic at which I want to write about and mostly these are more than one, and then it researches at them and just finds out headlines which write with that particular topic and that's it. At the time of completing that article then I just pick one topic and start writing about that and I never jump at another topic before completing that article. Because it's helped me stay focus and write more in less time. 

5. Have some break during the writing

We are humans and we need to brake sometime very soon and sometime after a little longer. Non-stop writing may make you able to write in more quantity but If you take brakes then it helps you to bring quality in your writing. It happens due to brake because whenever you take brake it just charges and makes you fresh. 

Sometimes when you just work and work and work then it just makes you bored and you lose your interest in work so set clock that you will take brake after 15 minutes and never extend that brake period from 5 minutes. Another thing which you have to do is avoid social media in that braking time because their algorithm will just stick you at that platform. Here is also consequences that you forget your ideas. The things which I do, I drink some water and close eyes and just lean on the chair/bed. 

6. Select your best time

You don't be able to write it every time. So pick a time when you feel comfortable with writing. If a weekly schedule is bussy then first pick any day from the week and then select free time or the time which you can give to your writing and make it part of your life (If you are passionate about writing). 

Personally, I like night time because there is no one to distract me, or call me for another work, or ask me about what I am doing? or how much I have completed my writing? or what topic I am writing about? etc. So I just go with 4x speed. 

So have selected your very best time because It will help you to stay focused while writing. 

7. Mute notifications

As we all use social media so in every 2-3 minute we see some new notifications and pop-ups which really disturb us psychologically it creates tension and we want want to check it out and make ourselves clear that what that notification is about? And these notifications just bring ourselves far from our actual task.

Put your mobile on flight mode and close social media on your PC or laptop and say yourself that I only write at that time and never see social media till I won't complete my writing. This exercise will also help you to get rid out of social media addiction (In case if you are addicted to social media). 

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