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How You Can Inject Fun In Your Routine? Here Is Answer

How You Can Inject Fun In Your Routine? Here Is Answer
How I can inject fun in my routine

It's good to be serious but the fun also as important as seriousness is. Because we need fun to continue our seriousness. From my personal experience, I practically learn too much seriousness leads me to the boredom that boredom would be regarding from one field, task, or more than one activity so it's important to have fun from time to time.

If any can know us better than the whole world then it will be ourselves. I know myself better than anyone else but it takes a lot of time to reach out to stage where I am. Because figuring out the reason behind things is the most difficult work to be done. So when you try to study yourself then it very important for you to see yourself from different aspects and angles for useful data.

After my college when officially I start my practical life than the huge challenge which I faced, that was fun, because my routine was completely changed and the time which was used to spend in the study now it was forcing to spend that for working so it was not only new but also hard for me because in when you go to your college you not only study but at the same time you sit with your friends and you do some chit chat with them which keep your life interesting. 

In my case, I spend all in my room and researching for my online business, checking trends and interests of people and working according to data, no friends, and no fun. Usually when you start a new business at not only demand more time but you also need more effort and extra work, So that's all I did. I worked hard, I gave more and more time to my business. But the thing which I was missing was fun and just because I haven't fun so sometimes I felt that I am losing interest. 

So, at that time I had two huge challenges 1) I had to work because I invested my time and money 2) I had to make things more interesting and fun. Point#1 was base on why and point#2 was base on How. So when I came to know both why and how of my case then working on it became easy. 

The one-sentence which I figured out was "I have to work and I have to make fun of that work while doing". When I brought that one sentence into practice then the strategy which I followed was celebrating small progress. I consider small progress at success and when I complete the smallest task, I was starting appreciation to myself. that make happy and it kept my interest in work because I became successful in figuring out fun factor.

I also added some additional things to inject fun in my routine so if you want to make fun of your work and you really want to keep things interesting in your life then you can follow these steps which I follow personally.

1. Start your day with humour:

After a sleep of 8 hours or more/less than this, when you just jump on the thing and try to as soon as possible to leave to the office then our body become distracted from that because it was in rest and now you pushing it for work as soon as possible so it's not accepting that. 

It is very important to start our day with something funny. I have noticed that sometime when I wake up in the morning and sing any sone then the whole day I sing the same song. It's a sign that our first command leaves a huge effect on our brain. So if you watch something funny before starting your work then will help to consume negativity and anxiety of the whole day.

2. Skip overworking:

I am an entrepreneur, I try my best to make my business successful but I only work when I feel connected and interested in it and where I feel tiredness then I just leave work and go to do something else or simply get a little break. 

When your mind is saying no and you forcing yourself to work then you don't be able to work more effectively and it causes you lake of interest in your task. So if you want to inject fun into work then you have to avoid overworking.

3. Celebrate small achievements:

As I mention above in my story that I celebrate my little progress and achievements so I also advise you to do the same. Reward yourself when you complete any of your tasks. The best way to the solo celebration is just to go and dance when no one can see you. 

Little celebrations are the best way of motivation. when you skip them and take them for granted then slowly your huge achievement becomes test less so celebrate your achievements and inject fun into your daily routine.


4. Put some funny stickers around yourself:

Smilies and stickers are the best way to achieve short term happiness and fun. When you start living with these stickers in your daily life then help you to fresh your mode. You can put these stickers in your car, or at a working place or in your sleeping room. Your phone/laptop's wallpaper is also the best place where you set something funny.

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