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How To Become Cool Student In College? Here are 9 Ways Of becoming Coolest Student Of College

How To Become Cool Student In College? Here are 9 Ways Of becoming Coolest Student Of College
How To Become Cool Student In College? Here Is 9 Way Of becoming Coolest Student Of College

To become a cool or coolest student in college is easy but if you belong from boarding school then it may be hard for you because college is an open place as compared to normal or boarding school. So, How to be a cool student in college?

Before getting into detail discussion let me clear that we aim to balance your life. So in this blog, we are trying to give you the centre path which helps you to become a cool student and get popular without hurting your academic reputations. 

As I mention above that college is an open place as compare to school so many students when they see this unlimited freedom then they divert from their real aim and which is study. It's good to having fun and enjoyments and some extra popularity but always keep mind that you must be focused on your study and that's why you are there(in college).

Here are 9 ways to become a cool student in college.

1. To be open and nice:

People usually underestimate the power of being nice. I feel like the nicer you are the more people gravitate towards you because you're so welcoming and open. and you're just nice with a smile on your face and people want to be with you. 

People are super afraid of how they perceived if they see a nice and positive person they automatically get drawn because we (humans) are so insecure about ourselves. If you are a nice person then will be easily accessible and approachable then people feel free to hang out with

2. Take care of your physical appearance:

At first sight, people judge you from your physical look. As there is a famous saying "The first impression is the last impression". So your first impression must be great at someone who creates a positive impact on them. 

Wear good clothes. Good clothes don't mean to purchase expensive outfits. If you have the fashion sense and your little bit know about colour combinations then you can easily match your outfit and improve your look from clothing perspectives.

Not spend too much money on your appearance you just have to be in style and your body must be in shape at least in your college time. So, go to the gym and do bodybuilding.

3. Complete your assignments:

If you don't want to lose your spot then you have to be focused on your studies. You have to complete all your home works and assignments. This will make you respectable in front of your teachers as well as students and they will also look to while seeking help in their assignments.

4. Fun with classmates:

College time is one of the important stages of your life. Where you go through life experiences. The moments which you spend with your college friends that become memories for a lifetime. 

Make more and more friends. Either they become your devoted friends or they give you a lesson about life. It important to study but in free time sit with friends, go to the canteen, have fun with them, give some beautiful memories to them. That also helps you to fresh your mind.

5. Enjoy your tasks:

Never let yourself take the pressure of your work(study). If you are confused then seek help from teachers because when you take the pressure of studies and become frustrated and rude and this will bad for your relations with classmates. 

When you enjoy your task especially when you participate in any competitions then it shows you're confident about that particular subject, this will help you to conquer your opponents. Enjoying tasks doesn't mean that you divert from studies. It just shows how you are handling your problems and taking steps forward.

6. Help other students:

Helping others is a way to win the hearts of people(classmates). It's not necessary that must be a bright student to help a classmate. You just have to be together with other students, if you have free time. 

Never let your task remain uncomplete. So first do your work and then help your comrades in order to complete their task.

7. Don't pick fights:

Don't be a bad boy! So stay away from fights and it's not good for your social status. The college has an open environment but never take it wrong, Look! a college is an academic place, not a place to be a rebel. So try to be in the grey area, not too polite and not too much impolite or rude. 

8. Take care of your respect:

Your respect is more important than everything so take care of your respect. If you respect yourself then others will also respect. And don't hangout with those bad boys or girls who don't respect. If there is anyone in your circle then make some distances and just avoid them. There is a myth about the college environment that making relationships is easy at college but it's not. 

Sometimes your proposal to any girl or guy just disrespects you and you face embracement. So always make friends and hang out with them who cares about you. And put a tag at yourself that "Give respect and take respect".

9. Don't be afraid of introducing yourself: 

Break the ice! People scare from socializing just because of insecurities and value themself so introduce yourself confidentially. You are not one who is new in college, Almost every new Students feel scared of introducing them so when you take the first step then other students will appreciate that. 

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