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How to handle negative comments and trolls at social media

How to handle negative comments and trolls at social media
negative comments and trolls of social media

How to deal with trolls and negative comments on social media? This is a question which almost every social media user ask at least one time in his life.

If you are a person who is facing so many trolls and negative comments on social media. Don't worry you are not alone because everyone faces these trolls almost every day. Sometimes these trolls put a positive impact on our activities and some time negative. It depends on things.

Some time trolls are just trolls and people who are trolling to you just want to hurt you and your sentiment, so for these types of people, the strategy will be different.
Why people troll someone on social media? 

Usually, people troll when they see someone is progressing. If you are new on social media and you are becoming famous day by day than the much progress you make the much hatters you will see in your way. 

It's human psychology that people won't except other's fam, reputations, and progress soon. It takes time for someone to become used too with anyone's fam. So, it's very important to deal with these toxic types of people and with their trolls without losing your reputations.

So, these tips will help you in handling negative comments and trolls on social media.

1. Don't delete the comments.

First thing you have to do to handle trolls on social media with not to delete the comment from any of your posts. Deleting comments means that you are running from a problem which is not enough to handle the problem. 

Well, If the comment is based on vulgarity and far from reality than you can delete it otherwise let these comments in you feed. 

When you delete comment than here is a chance that people post more negative comments and trolls in your feed. It's reality when you feel anger and show anger some people troll more and make fun of yours. 

When someone posts any negative comment about your product or brand and you concentrate on it here possibilities of some improvements in it. 

Another reason why deleting comments is not enough for handling social media trolls because you can not available at your profile 24/7 to delete that messy stuff. If you are a social figure or a social media influencer you have to deal with these things carefully otherwise you may destroy your reputations. 

So, don't delete comments unless it violet your community guidelines.

2. Respond to them:

Another point for handling negative comments and trolls on social media is to give responses to negative comments. People who read comments in the feed they must read your response and replies to negative comments. 

If you post your opinion about anything and someone comes to tell you that your wrong or your opinion is wrong. So, in this case, use a reply option and convey your detailed message to them. Or if you don't want to do this than simply tell them it's your opinion and their opinion may not be similar to you. 

It's also important to think about what people are saying to you. Some times you may be wrong or your information which you are giving to people that would be outdated so, in this case, you have to hug that negative comment and trolls in your social media.

A good response to your hatter is not only helped you to convince them but also helps you to make a strong bond with them by interactions. Because keep in mind the audience is important on social media especially when you run your social media as your business.

Try to give responses as soon as you can. Because when someone writes any bad review or negative comment on social media about your brand, you might not be there to see that but others can see it, and if you won't fix it soon then it may be hurt your reputations.

If you are brand or owner of any brand and think that you won't available at every time to handle responses then hire someone and give him the responsibility to handle negative comments and trolls on social media. Make sure to give that responsibility any single person who would be answerable to you as well as to public because when you hire more than one person they maybe leave that task to someone else. 

3. Ignore them:

A simple method for handling social media trolls is to ignore them and let them say what they are saying. 

Some people's intent behind trolls to you is to get your attention to them and they also try to deprive you so in that case just ignore them and let them on their way.

4. Accept negative comments and trolls:

If you are on social media then you have to have the courage to accepting negative comments and social media trolls. Because you can't control everyone's mind and you can not convince everyone at every time. 

If you make any mistake so, that you receive negative comments then you must have the courage to confess your error. and make it correct for next time.

Accepting reality in the shape of negative comments is to create an overall positive impact on your self or brand. 

5. Ban them or report them:

If you are a normal social media user and not a brand then you can go with the ban and report options.
As we know that there is an option of the report and ban anyone on social media. The social site has enough rules and regulations to protect their audience and they always are strict about hate or abuse someone. So, feel free to use these options and get rid out of your hatters for a lifetime.

What should a brand do to handle negative comments and trolls on social media?

Ban is not a permanent solution to the brand because it makes distances between customers and the company. Another thing which very important is that you can't control the whole internet. If someone negative comments on your social media post or profile and delete that comment and you ban them to see you next time. What will you do when that same person write a blog post or record a video and share on their own? 

So, it is important to handle your customer, followers, and viewers politely and calmly. and solve their problems and fix what they are complaining about. 

Addressing negative comment is more important than a positive one because it helps you to improve your positive image and deal with the real issues.

If you won't afford a ban or report to your audience the following points 3 and 4.

6. Focus on positivity:

Your focus is more important than anything so when you focus on something that must be on positive aspects of things. that not only encourages you to solve problems but helps you in addressing real issues.

So, don't take things personally. If someone is saying something about you it won't become the reality of yourself.  

Always use negative feedback as a tool for improvements so that you will be able to make strong to yourself for progress and growth.

7. Make offline conversations:

Some time live response to your hatter may not be enough to change their opinion about you or your products. So, talk to them offline and convey your message to them.

Another reason why offline conversation will be good for you because when some post any negative comment we do not know about his mental conditions and what is going inside of it. Someone who is posting negative comments maybe he or facing economic problems in their life or any other frustration they have and they release their frustration at up to you.

So, when you talk to them privately than you know more things about them and they also know more about you. If you gently talk with them than it does not only help you for convincing them but also save your audience and create a strong bond for the future and turn your hatter into kindness with you.  

How to know when someone negative comments or trolls you at social media?

It easy to encounter negative comments when someone comments in profile or community. But what is when someone comments outside from your reach. How you will know about that? 
Well if someone tags you or your brand name it is easy to see their feedbacks but In case when someone mentions you at any place you don't know about it then problems arise for you because you are not their explain your narratives. 

So, there, you can use a free tool of google alerts tool to notify when someone mentions you at someplace.

You just enter some keyword ( you can also optimize more than one keywords ) which are related from your brand or profile or which you want to optimize and that it.

Whenever someone mentions you at someplace at will sent you a notification about their post or content. 

With the help of this tool, you not only get notifications but it becomes easy to give some immediate responses to someone.


Response with humour to your negative comment and trolls can play a vital role in protecting your online reputations.

So, these 7 tips will be helping you in the handling of online criticism, negative comments, and online trolls.

If you find any point missing which you use to handle your hatters let me know in the comments section.

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