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How to be successful in life - 9 Best Rules Success

How to be successful in life - 9 Best Rules Success
how to be successfull

Everyone wants to be successful in their life but many people can't achieve what they want. Most of them make common mistakes that never let them be successful.

One thing which is very important to understand if you want to be successful, nothing happens overnight. Things take time, it depends on us how we handle them.

Many of us want to be successful but they don't want to put any effort. Many want to be successful but they work without knowing their interest.

If you are among them who do not listen to their inner voice, believe me, it is very difficult for that you will reach somewhere in your life.

So, my aim in writing this article is that I want to make clear for you what is the right way of reaching the goal. Following nine rules of success will help you in your journey.

Having a goal:

Having a goal is a priority for success. Your goal gives you focus on one place and it never makes your efforts disjoint. Your defined destiny will motivate you in your hard time.  

If you don't set your goal yet first set your goal because it is the first major step that everyone takes for becoming successful. It is the only way of finding where your interest is and what is going to be your destination.

Imagine you are driving a car but you do not know where you want to go. How your journey will be? Will you be able to reach somewhere? You won't reach a better place.

 So, set your destination point first. Make yourself clear where you have to reach out, what is your goal post? If you ask these types of questions to you you will get answers. Define your destination to your self. 

After setting your goal divide your goal into small goals and assign deadlines to these small goals. Try to achieve these small goals one by one. 


After setting goals the next thing is hard work. Hard work is very important because it makes you able to improve your skills. It develops discipline inside yourself. Hard work also makes you able to solve your problems. Work on your own makes you more strengthen and you experience many things while working. 

Excepting failures:

No one gets success without facing failure. Failure is also important because if you are not good enough in anything you will fail it's natural.

 If you give your hundred per cent to any work you can't ever be unsuccessful so, filling these conditions of a hundred per cent is not easy here you need to be passionate. Every day you will need improvements in your self.

If you are failing try to understand what is the reason behind your failure and as soon as possible fix your problem improve your skill and bring yourself out from the problem. 

I have seen in my life many people rather than except their failure they become negative. They start blaming others for their failure. It is a dangerous thing because at the moment when you start blaming someone, in reality, you quite from work, from the opportunity of improvement.

So, don't blame others, except your failures and try to fix the cause of your failure and become successful.

Positive thinking:

Positivity attracts to the positivity, the same goes with negativity. For chasing your dream you have needed a positive mindset. Because you face so many things that may frustrate you. 

But you always remember one thing you have not to be negative at any cost. You can train your self for positivity by reading some of its manifestations.  

Whenever you think negative that means you moving backwards rather than moving forward. You will not find any success while moving backwards. 

Positive thinking makes you able to focus on positive aspects of things wherefrom the finding of the problem's solutions become easy. 

Be Fair with others:

It is important to make fair relationships with others. Fair relationships with others will help you in the fast and sustainable growth of yourself. 

zigzagging and cheating with others may give you success in a short time but in a longe run, you have to be honest with others. It does not only give you a chance of learning but also helps you in making a brand to yourself. 

Self Believe:

Without having self-belief there is not any concept of success. Just think for a moment a person who hasn't believe in his self, is it possible others will believe in that person? 

Before chasing dreams and thinking for success you have to create a belief system for yourself. If your belief system is strong it will make you able to do anything for you. 

So, belief in your self, say your self you have potential. Trust yourself that you can achieve what you want. Believe in your abilities and believe in everything which you have. 

True self-believe comes from self-insistences, self-representations, self-care practices and recognizations to your self-esteem.

Appreciate yourself on achievement:

Success takes a lot of time to be achieved. In your journey, you will need joy, fun, and enjoyment to relax. One thing I want to ask you; how you feel when someone appreciates you for your success? 

You feel motivated because appreciation is also a reward in itself. When someone gives you that reward you feel more energetic. Then why not you start appreciation for yourself.

It's necessary because sometimes people do not available for your appreciation. At that time you can fill that space on your own. Start celebrating even your small wins and stop acknowledging them as small achievements. 

Celebrate your achievements as your big wins because this can become the greatest source of enjoyment in your journey.

Being sincere with yourself:

Sincerity is a vital tool for success. If you are not sincere with your self that means you are cheating on your own. That may be causing many difficulties for you. 

Sincerely self-talk can make your success journey easy. It also can increase the clarity of your ideas. It encourages you in calculations of your potential. 

These questions are a very good example of sincere self-talk if you ask yourself. What are your interests? What bothers you? What do you like and what you don't like? Where do you want to see yourself in the future? Which of your habits do you like most? In which things you are good at? Where you need improvement?

So, be sincere with your self and start a positive talk with you. It will solve many problems in your life.


The most important thing for success is consistency. If you follow all the above things but you don't follow consistency. I am sure you can't be successful.

As we know success never comes overnight. To become successful you need regulation, you need daily work, you need growth on a daily bases.

It won't become from one hour work or work of one day, from one week or from working for one month. Your success journey can be consist of years. If it consists of years than you have to work regularly to reaching out there.

Consistency is time-consuming but there is no other way for real success.


The whole article consists of two main points your self and your action. The only thing you have to do is you have to motivate your self for the actions. 

If you follow all the above rules of success you will make your progress and become victorious in your life.

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